The Pathway

Are you ready to be set free from past experiences that hold you back from living the life of your dreams?


Do you struggle to let go of grief, anger, or hurt?

Are you tired of suffering from anxiety, sickness, and disease? 

How would it feel if you never let the past rule your life again?

Imagine being truly free from the burdens of your past. Knowing who you are having the confidence to face every circumstance.

Let’s dig deep and uncover the real reasons you’re struggling or feeling stuck. 

The Pathway is an enlightening resource that will guide you through releasing unresolved emotions. It provides step-by-step tools to help you release trapped emotions that are making you physically and emotionally sick.

The book offers over 140 pages, including:

  • Detailed explanations about how emotions cause physical dis-ease
  • Instructions for releasing emotions and recovering from trauma
  • 70+ pages of charts with easy-to-follow instructions for releasing over 250 different emotions
  • Scriptural affirmations
  • Essential oil application suggestions
  • Emotional roots of almost 400 physical symptoms and illnesses